ReactJs series: GraphQL& Relay is the future

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Introduction: Relay and GraphQL — have been in use in production at Facebook for some time, and we're excited to be bringing them to the world as open source in the future. In the meantime, we wanted to share some additional information about the projects here. Speaker profile: Trần Trọng Thanh (the surname is Trần in Vietnamese name order). I am a front-end architect, JavaScript developer, process improvement enthusiast, a husband and now a father, from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I co-founded Nau Studio and am currently its CTO. My entire career so far has been on the Front End of the Web, whether it was Flash or HTML(5). I have a passion of making the Web a great experience for users and an enjoyable platform for developers. I am continously looking for tools and ways to enhance development process and productivity. My job has been building applications based on the Web standards on the screens of any sizes. One of my important tasks in Nau Studio is to train Front End developers and to build up a team of elite JavaScript developers (videos of the training sessions can be found here, excuse us that we're uploading the videos a bit slowly). Thanh head shot In the past, I was a senior Flash developer and joined in as a speaker of Vietnam's first Flash Camp conference. I wrote several demos and case studies in ActionScript and JavaScript which can be found in my GitHub repositories. I used to worked in Singapore for two and a half years, during which I gained my international experience in a real agency and a development house. Now I am back in Vietnam, and quite busy with daily work, but I am still passionate in building a front end developers community and have a dream of bringing the JSConf to Vietnam. Agenda at March 14: Schedule of workshop 7:00pm - Introduction React js Presentation + Hands on coding 8:00pm - Introduction to GraphQL Setup with GraphQL with Reactjs 9:00pm - Introduction to Relay Connect Relay with GraphQL

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